Let PPI Help You Earn Money Using Your Generators

Follow Our 3-Step Process to earn monthly revenue from your backup generators

Earn thousands of dollars by participating in Demand Response programs.

Commercial Generator Program

Step 1 - Evaluate your building

Consider the following to determine if PPl's Demand Response program is a good fit for your location:

  • Do you have a backup power generator that can draw 100kw?

  • Letter of Authorization (LOA): You sign a LOA for your utility to allow Power Performance Industries to evaluate how much power your building uses to determine your capacity payment eligibility- you can only earn $$$$ for the power you can curtail via your backup generator.

Step 2 - Implement Optimal Solution

  • We provide electricians to install and connect your generator meter to enable participation, at no cost.

  • We provide you all the necessary paperwork for enrollment and send you monthly statements of your earnings.

  • We guide you so that your generator(s) comply with all state and local regulations and permits.

Step 3 - We Enroll your generators in New York's Demand Response programs.

  • Special Case Resource (SCR): After our preliminary analysis we enter your generator(s) into the state's Demand Response Program known as the Special Case resource, which is exclusive for onsite generators.

  • Con Edison DRLP (Demand Response Load Relief Program): If you are within Con Edison's territory we can enroll you in their utility-specific Demand Response Program that has a minimal obligation to run your generator(s) a few times a year for no more than six (6) hours at a time. The DRLP allows you to earn extra monies and can run in parallel with the SCR program.

About Demand Response

The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) is a quasi-governmental agency that operates the state's electric grid and its demand response programs compensate customers for curtailing electricity usage a few times per year. The demand response programs are designed to maintain the reliability of the grid and reduce the need for rolling blackouts. If NYISO calls a System Emergency I Demand Response Event due to peak electric demand in a region, commercial and industrial customers agree to shed their prescribed electric load for a given period of time - with a minimum of four hours. In return program participants earn revenue throughout the year from the NYISO, whether or not an event is called.

About Special Case Resource

What Do You Need: An onsite generator(s)

Who Runs the Program:

A Responsible Intervening Party (RIP)

What Do You Have To Do:

                                                 Run your generator for a minimum of four hours to reduce your load if an emergency grid event is called, with 21-hours notice.

How Are You Paid:

                                    Monthly by the NYISO based on your generator size and potential load reduction.

What Is Required:

                                   Mandatory test 1 x in summer and 1 x in winter AND an interval meter must be installed.